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I am thankful to all the members of the community for once again expressing their confidence and trust in our reforms and leadership. This positive response is very encouraging and your active participation as stakeholders is appreciated.

In keeping with our pledge to create an environment that encourages community participation and development at all levels...

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  • Fatimiyah Hospital
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  • Hussaini Bagh Graveyard
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KPSIAJ Information Desk
KPSIAJ has officially created a Google group "KPSIAJ Information Desk". All members are being added to this group directly so that they may get emails for informing different events being conducted by KPSIAJ. Some members might get an invitation if their privacy settings do not allow them to be added directly in the group. Such members are requested to please accept the invitation to be part of this group.
February 05, 2014


Jamaat News - Ver 1- English
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Welcome to the KPSIAJ Network

Dear KPSIAJ Members,
KPSIAJ sent an official delegation of scholars to prominent Marajae in Najaf. This was the first such official delegation in the history of KPSIAJ. The purpose was to create a bridge between KPSIAJ and the Marajae to ensure the build up of a regular interchange. Alhamdolillah, KPSIAJ was successful in this.
Various activities of KPSIAJ were informed to the Marajae in the fields of education, health, social services etc and guidance was sought from the Marajae. All the Marajae were extremely happy at the information and blessed the community.
Another purpose of the delegation visit was to get clarity of opinions of the Marajae on the issue of Aga Khan University Examination Board. In this context a letter was also written to Ayatullah Syed Ali Hussaini Sistani by president of KPSIAJ, Mr Mazher Ali Jumani to clarify on the opinion his eminence had given previously. KPSIAJ is very much thankful that His Eminence not only provided clarification to KPSIAJ delegation on his opinion but also gave the same in writing.
Image of original letter and reply in Persian can be seen below along with the translations in English and Urdu.
Aga Sistani Reply Persian        Aga Sistani Reply Persian       Aga Sistani Reply Persian

Ulema delegation providing details of their visit to the community - Part 1

Ulema delegation providing details of their visit to the community - Part 2

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Apr 20, 2014 41 years
Ali Raza s/o Mohammad Raza

Apr 17, 2014 57 years
Naheed Bano d/o Hassan Ali Belgamwala w/o Muhammad Rafiq Belgamwala

Apr 17, 2014 38 years
Jawwad s/o Asghar Ali Sopariwala

Apr 17, 2014 78 years
Shireen Bai d/o Abdul Raheem Visram w/o Roshan Ali Pyar Ali Bhujwala

Apr 16, 2014 58 years
Mumtaz d/o Habib Ali Bhujwal w/o Aziz Hussain Hameer

Apr 11, 2014 27 years
Mohammad Ali s/o Yousuf Ali Kirmani
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