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Jamaat News - 2011/12 - English
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Announcement - Wadi e Zainab (sa) new burial arrangement

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The Managing Committee of KPSIAJ Karachi is pleased to announce as follows, with respect to Wadi-e-Zainab (s. a.) graveyard.

In Oct 2015, a recording was repeatedly telecast on PCN for one month in which details of burial arrangements at Wadiye Zainab s.a. were shared. We contacted multiple community members and asked for suggestions as well.

This new graveyard was designed keeping in mind multilevel graveyards like Wadi-us-Salam for long term community needs. All the Fiqhi points were kept into consideration while designing and building the much needed facility, which is expected to serve this noble Community for about 50 years.

From 1st January 2016, burial facilities were started in Wadi-e-Zainab (A.S.) graveyard.

Since this is the first time a double level graveyard was created by the Jamaat, we faced some technical difficulties. We also keenly observed the difficulties faced by our members, and resolved these as and when they occurred. We received suggestions from many community members and have accordingly reviewed our decision, to facilitate community members so that our elders, brothers, sisters and children do not face problem when they visit the graveyard.

In view of the valid suggestions of our Community Members, the Managing Committee has taken the following decisions :

  1. To resolve the problem of reaching to the lower level graves, stairs have been created in the existing block, so that relatives of deceased can easily access the grave for offering Fateha. Community members will not face any such problem in future.
  2. Heirs of the deceased, if they wish, will also have the right to reserve upper level of the grave for their family member. This will give community members an opportunity to be buried near their loved ones.
  3. The new block that is being created will currently only have a lowered ground level. This will resolve the problem of lowering of body from a height into the lower graves. The process will be similar to that of Hussaini Bagh 1 and Hussaini Bagh 2 graveyards. The right of reservation of grave on upper level will be available to the heirs of this block as well.
  4. When the burial in lower level is complete, we will wait for few more days. After that, upper level will be created and filled with mud. Practical burial facility on upper level will only be available after creation of upper level. In this way, members will be able to recite Fateha, put fingers, water and flowers etc. on the grave from the Ground Level too.
  5. Jamaat received several suggestions for reopening of burial facilities at Hussaini Bagh 1 and Hussaini Bagh 2 graveyards. Your Managing Committee has reviewed its decision and burial facilities are being reopened in Hussaini Bagh 1 and Hussaini Bagh 2 graveyards.
  6. From the time of the announcement, burial facilities will be available for community members in Hussaini Bagh 1, Hussaini Bagh 2 and Wadi-e-Zainab (A.S.) graveyards. Right of reservation will only be available for upper level of Wadi-e-Zainab (A.S.) graveyard free of cost.

We have tried our best to accommodate suggestions of our community members and for which we are always open. If Community members face any problems in future, they can visit and meet Managing Committee Members to register their complaints. Community members can also send suggestions through email at and Jamaat’s Whatsapp No. (+923343913770).


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